About FSMC, INC.

Founded in 1991 - A Small Business Corporation
Over 35 Independent Consultants Under One Umbrella
Each Consultant Brings Excellent Interpersonal Skills and Experience
We Also Team With Other Small Firms - For Specialty Niches (Click Here)
We Have Access to Expert Witnesses and Other Similar Talent
100% Of Our New Business Proposals Have Made it to BAFO
We Position All Claims for Settlement Instead of Litigation
We Position Termination Proposals for Maximum Return
Our Program Management Approaches/Solutions Can Save You Money
Our Program Management Resources Employ Cutting Edge Technologies
We are Well Versed in Integrated Process & Product Development (IPPD)
We Bring World Class Resources to Perfectly Suit Your Needs

FSMC, Inc. Gladly Accepts Purchase Orders and Small Business Subcontracts.

We will even augment our staff with resources of your preference to save you time and money in contracting. Or, we can be brought in under another contractor's PO and be a subcontractor to them if that saves you time and money in contracting. We're flexible to meet your needs in almost any situation.

Give Us A Call... We want to be your "One-Stop Shopping" solution for all your Proposal Management and Program Management Needs!
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