Program Management Systems

In today's technological environment, there are literally thousands of options to choose from when selecting appropriate management systems for any Program. With so many to choose from many providers try to sell your company all the "bells and whistles" that are seldom used on any Program - convincing you that you "may" need them sometime in the future. First Strike Management Consulting, Inc.'s resources have "been there, done that." We know which systems truly work and which ones are truly necessary for a given Program, considering the Program's size, complexity, and work scope. We can significantly assist your company and your Program Team with the following:

System Requirements Definition

System Architecture & Design

Hardware & Software Evaluations

System Implementation

System Documentation

System Policies & Procedures

System Education & Training

Our Experience Includes:

 Earned Value Management Systems

Cost/Schedule Control Systems

Manufacturing Management Systems

Web-Based Management Systems

MRP / ERP / SAP Type Systems

Information Management Systems

Data Management Systems

Configuration Management Systems

Total Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 Registration

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