Subcontractor / Supplier Management

First Strike Management Consulting, Inc. can help you set up all the right approaches to ensure that your subcontractors and suppliers meet your needs on any Program. In today's environment few companies can "go it alone" and need either raw materials or specialized services from other providers. To truly succeed on any Program you must manage all subcontractors and suppliers effectively. Need help? We will roll up our sleeves and as part of your Program Team we will ensure your success with all subcontractors and suppliers via the following:

Subcontractor / Supplier Management Processes and Procedures

Subcontractor / Supplier Evaluations and Assessment of Capabilities

Subcontractor / Supplier Work Definition

Subcontractor / Supplier Relationship Building

Subcontractor / Supplier Performance Measurement

Subcontractor / Supplier Program Reporting

Subcontractor / Supplier Education & Training
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